Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Little Plant Sale

Both the sale and the plants are little ! I still have some native plants available that need to find their way out into the greater world. Come and help them venture forth! Stop by my house on Saturday, August 29, between 10:30 am and 1 pm. E-mail me for my address:
The plants are mostly in 2" pots and are native to MN or the Midwest. They will be $2.00 ea. with some kind of discounts for volume, though there aren't many left.

Here are what remain:

Showy Tick Trefoil about 28
Sweet Joe Pye Weed a couple
Jacob's Ladder 8
Culver's Root 12
New England Aster 8
Ninebark (shrub) 13 green and 5 red (offspring of 'Diablo')
Ground Plum 4
Prairie Blazing Star 8
Purple Prairie Clover a couple
Bottle Gentian 10
Butterfly Weed 6
Prairie Coreopsis 8

sorry, no botanical names this post, it's late and I'm tired ! I'll give 'em to you if you show up.

plus a few other species you could get me to dig out of my yard for $5.00 ea. as these are at least in their second year, and a clump, not a single plant.
also, about 3 surprise species of native shrub I would dig up for $10. ea as these are about 4 or 5 yrs old that were planted bare root about 3 yrs ago.

Hope to see you.....................Thanks !

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  1. Hope you had a good sale! Awesome plant list. I have a lot of purple and whit epririe clover, but it never blooms--rabbits get to it first. Grrr.