Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring ! ?

Unseasonably warm here in Minneapolis this week. Today was warmer than yesterday, and yesterday was a high of 67, I think. A new record. No snow left in most places, except in the shade. Early Spring. Will this warmth remain, or will we get socked by some end of season Winter storm ? Stay tuned...
Pussy willows are full and grey, and the trees around town are already starting their Spring yellow-green tinge thing...that beautiful signal that all things chlorophyll are awakening, and ready to begin processing pure sunlight into beautiful structure. Exuberant, windblown, insect-assisted plant sex is about to explode for its brief annual moment. Every season has its place, but I love Spring ! And another note for the phenological record; I saw 2 different Mourning Cloak butterflies today, the earliest I've seen. They may have been the same butterfly, can't be sure, but they were hours and blocks apart. I, with the plants and certain mammals, come out of a certain slumber, and awaken to a different level in the warmth and activity of Spring.