Thursday, April 9, 2009

Early Spring Butterfly

I saw a Mourning Cloak butterfly today in the yard about noon, with the temperature only in the low 40's. I saw one about three weeks ago too, when we had a surprise (and teasing) day of 60 plus degrees. I also just tonight read about a frog that can sustain much of it's body tissue freezing and live to tell about it ! These critters have developed amazing feats of adaptation through thousands of years of contending with the local climate. I have a motley cluster of native plant seedlings from last year in plug pots sitting on a back patio which have also toughed it through a winter that would give lesser plants pause, or a ticket to the compost. What changes will the next 20 years bring that will give even species adapted to this region pause, or a group pass to the compost? Does my gardening give me faith, or do I bring my faith to the garden?

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  1. Hi Scott! Nice blog! I am also a gardener in the Twin cities, and will ocassionally blog about my garden (Among other things on my mind for the day!).... I also saw these butterflies in the same timeframe, and was amazed that they were out that early! Glad to see I wasn't imagining things! I'll check back often - thanks for your commentary and insights!