Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quick Confessional

Wow ! And I was raised Protestant, we don't do confessionals, do we? I don't know, I am now a protestant to a Protestant in my religious behaviors.
I am embarrassed by my lack of posting these past few (or many) months. I had greater intentions when I started this. I so often get entranced reading other people's blogs, most of whom seem so much more educated and experienced than I about gardening matters, nature, or just life. Or they maybe just have better cameras with which to capture their latest life list entry, beetle, bird or bee. I often think I have little to contribute or add to the big picture.
Whatever my original intentions were for this blog, I am now revising it to become an online nature/garden/life journal. There are a few of you out there who have at least checked in here occasionally, and I appreciate each of you. But I will mostly now pretend to ignore that you're watching, and write as though I'm just thinking to myself, writing out loud. But, obviously knowing someone may be out there, otherwise why not get offline and use a pencil, and just really keep it to myself. Because, ironically, this may become slightly more interesting if I quit writing to some supposed audience, and just write what's going on in my head. So stay tuned if you like, when you please.

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